Every Car Needs a DYM

Smart technology that indicates a blood alcohol concentration to reduce road accidents caused by drunk driving

Drunk Driving Is Still The #1 Cause Of Death
On Every Country Roadways



Incidents a day in the U.S.


People Killed In
The Past Year


Injuries Per Year

Why Are We  Here ?

I lost my cousin, Yaara Meir, in a terrible car accident on her way home during military service.
She was killed because a driver of another vehicle that didn't think or cared about the consequences while he got behind the wheel.

Following that event, I realized that we need to do more to fight the HUMAN factor of road accidents.

I’ve made my main purpose to develop a system that eliminates human judgment in the self-competence assessment of driving conditions, in order to reduce fatalities in car accidents.


Following our intensive scientific research, we found a non-invasive way to indicate the Blood-Alcohol level in the driver’s body. 
Our vision is to increase awareness of each and every driver to their ability to drive in real-time.

Dor Heller Zarbel,

Our technology can create a global change



Touch & Drive

A special sensor detects a high level of alcohol in the driver's blood, and prevents the vehicle from starting

Entering the car
Placing a finger on the sensor
Sensor Check 

In the first stage, the driver gets into their car

The driver touches the push button to start the engine - DYM touch-based system measures and calculates the Blood-Alcohol level

If the sensor detects a positive sample, the vehicle will not start

Road Deaths report


Based on the WHO global status report on road safety 2019 


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